'Ojek' shelters to reduce crowds at stations

'Ojek' shelters to reduce crowds at stations

The Jakarta Post-News·2019-10-16 18:15

As people regularly use app-based ojek (motorcycle taxi) services to get to MRT or commuter line stations, shelters for ojek have become an apparent need at stations, some of which have equipped themselves with such spaces. At Lebak Bulus Station in South Jakarta, MRT Jakarta set up a transit plaza where app-based ojek drivers can park and wait for customers. The plaza is also where MRT commuters are encouraged to place their orders. MRT Jakarta president director William Sabandar said the transit area was MRT Jakarta’s solution to the need for feeder services. “This is a pragmatic form of transportation and the reality of [the need for] integration at MRT [stations],” William said Tuesday. William said he expected commuters, both those heading toward Lebak Bulus and those departing the station, to use the transit plaza, especially when ordering ojek or priv...


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