Perak fisherman gets 202 years’ jail, 23 strokes for sexually assaulting stepdaughter

Perak fisherman gets 202 years’ jail, 23 strokes for sexually assaulting stepdaughter

Yahoo - Malaysia·2019-10-17 18:44

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IPOH, Oct 17 — The Sessions Court here today sentenced a fisherman to a total of 202 years in jail and 23 strokes of the rotan after he admitted to sexually assaulting his stepdaughter over a period of three years.


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KASSIM 22/10/2019

Inside prison his asshole for sure get srew by other prisoners,later he can become gay.🤣😂😂😂🤣😂🙉


lucky charm.... 88 20/10/2019

Let him get rape inside the jail by the imate, he will feel it himself..... Rotten guy


justices 20/10/2019

Stupid judge. What’s the use of 202 years jail when he couldn’t possibly life out the sentence?👎 Should instead jail him for 60 years and 60 canning. That would have an impact....or maybe 120 strokes of the cane😡😡😡


Minime 20/10/2019

It is always interesting when a person that is accused says that I regret doing the things in the past when the sentenced is read in court. So while raping the child/women, the word regret doesn’t exist. The rapist enjoys tomenting the victim so much that


Minime reply Minime 20/10/2019

he does not feel any guilt. He just wants to make sure that he gets his lust fulfilled. Rapist should tortured the same as what he had done to his victims. Some victim can still carry on with their life if the rapist are caught at an early stage but those who suffered for many years with the rapists is so traumatised that they will always have fear in men.