Aceh NGO to sue Google over alleged racist translations

Aceh NGO to sue Google over alleged racist translations

The Jakarta Post-News·2019-10-19 12:44

In a world where anyone from any background can connect with others, the online platform, Google Translate, has become an important part of society’s daily life. Providing words from hundreds of national languages and regional vernaculars, the online translation platform is a reliable assistant to help those with different tongues understand each other better. However, translation errors happen and sometimes they can lead to racial tensions. The Malay and Aceh Community Forum has sent a letter of objection to Google LLC in California, United States and Google Indonesia after claiming it found racist translations when the names “Malay” and “Aceh” were input into the program to translate from Javanese to Malay, Indonesian and English. Haekal Afifa, a member of the forum, told The Jakarta Post that he captured the proof of the racist translations ...


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