Dirgantara delivers NC212i to Thailand

Dirgantara delivers NC212i to Thailand

The Jakarta Post-News·2019-10-24 14:10

State-owned aircraft manufacturer PT Dirgantara Indonesia (DI) has sent one NC212i aircraft ordered by Thailand’s Agriculture and Cooperatives Ministry. The plane is expected to arrive in the Southeast Asian country on Thursday. The aircraft took a ferry flight on Tuesday from DI's delivery center hangar in Bandung, West Java, and it stopped by Hang Nadim Airport in Batam before flying to Thailand’s Hat Yai International Airport and to Nakhon Sawan Air Base in Muang, Thailand, as its last destination. The multifunctional aircraft, the newest generation of the NC212 series with a capacity of 28 passengers, was piloted by DI's chief test pilot Capt. Esther Gayatri Saleh and copilot Capt. Ervan Gustanto on the ferry flight. DI marketing director Ade Yuyu Wahyuna said the Department of Rainmaking and Agricultural Aviation at the ministry was set to conduct t...


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