Love himalayan candy? Health warnings issued

Love himalayan candy? Health warnings issued

Singapore Uncensored·2019-10-26 00:04


The candy that was so popular that it was sold out in many shops across South East Asia comes with a price.

It was so popular that there were counterfeit copies of the candy on the market.

A Malaysian dietitian posted a post warning fans of the candy should only consume it in moderation. Unlike traditional candy, this candy contains a higher amount of sodium content compared to regular or traditional candies.

Who will be affected by consuming too much of Himalaya Salt candy?

High blood pressure

Heart problems

Kidney problems

As the candy has a high sodium content experts warned of how it can contribute to additional sodium to our diet. Asian diets and fast food are already high in sodium content. We do not need additional sodium intake from a sports candy.

Too much sodium can also result in kidney stones. The process to remove is painful. Trust me!

How much sodium is too much?

A serving of Himalaya Salt candy contains 19.7mg of sodium. To have a rough idea of how much sodium is required. Health experts recommend a diet of not more than 2000mg of sodium a day.


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