Sekolah Damai guides schools to combat intolerance, radicalism

Sekolah Damai guides schools to combat intolerance, radicalism

The Jakarta Post-News·2019-10-27 15:18

Moderate Islamic think-tank the Wahid Foundation knows that in order to root out radicalism and intolerance in schools, it has to start with the teachers. The foundation has joined forces with the Indonesian Islamic Education Teachers Association (AGPAII) to develop a program called Sekolah Damai (school of peace), which guides headmasters and teachers, as well as students, in promoting tolerance in classrooms. The program’s manager Alamsyah Dja’far said the Wahid Foundation had long detected a growing radical viewpoint among students, particularly those who are involved in school extracurricular activities called rohis (Islamic spirituality lectures). This finding is based on two studies in 2016 and 2018, which both involved more than 1,000 rohis members from hundreds of senior high schools across the nation. “Based on our survey in 2016, ove...


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