Dr Mahathir says ‘bewildered’ by Singapore’s refusal to have second bridge

Dr Mahathir says ‘bewildered’ by Singapore’s refusal to have second bridge

Malay Mail - Malaysia·2019-10-31 20:09

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Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad during the Continuation Rapid Transit System (RTS) Link between Johor Baru and Singapore Announcement Press Conference in Johor Baru October 31, 2019. — Bernama pic


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Userf9pm 05/11/2019

Aiyah why build bridge no need lah. Now got flying taxi lah. Mahathir you old already lah. Bridge now outdated lah.


allan.teh 05/11/2019

coz it need a lot if money to build the bridge. if msia pay the cost of building i am sure sg gov will say ok can go ahead to build.


*laughing*buddha* 05/11/2019

Very simple methods....everyday go pour cements.into the seas n join up the lands...no need stupid brigdges😁😁😁😁😁


Jade Wong 04/11/2019

I guess is Singapore is more bewildered by his absurdity.


luckly 04/11/2019

Hehehe! he said malaysia sacrificed money to support Singapore. I think Singapore should claims compensation to the maximum it time they never follow agreements terms, don't let him twist and turn like a snake.