Mahathir Up To Old Tricks, Tries To Revive Water Spat And Crooked Bridge With SG Again

Mahathir Up To Old Tricks, Tries To Revive Water Spat And Crooked Bridge With SG Again

All Singapore Stuff·2019-11-01 15:55

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It seems like Malaysia's Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad would never let his idea of the crooked bridge between Malaysia and Singapore die down, and neither would he back down from accusing Singapore of taking advantage of Malaysia over the water spat. Even when announcing Malaysia's agreement to finally green light the RTS Link near the Causeway, Mahathir cannot afford to back down form his two pet peeves against Singapore.


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Phinehas Chia 13/11/2019

I think before LKY gets up from his grave, our dearest Public Enemy #1, Dr. MM, will turn over in his grave and like the proverbial Phoenix, rises from it ashes and Rule PH! and get the water rates that makes him RIP. 😂


Mani Muthusamy5195 06/11/2019



Pat Panjang C 04/11/2019

well done, he has make Malaysia 👎... way to go from R3.06 to R6.03 in yr3000...i know u very Boleh


Jade Wong 04/11/2019

He seriously should just wake up his idea. So annoying.


peace1 04/11/2019

Mahathir Mahathir are truly a pain in the neck... You can speculate that by 3000 100million people will come to Singapore to work...hahaha that means you have no intention or confidence to improve the economic situation in Malaysia.. The RTS is to provide a easy assess malaysian to come Singapore to work. With the RTS connecting to our Thomson East Coast will not be necessary for many Malaysian to take motorbike to Singapore....(Mahathir wake up from your dreamy eyes...I dont know why he is being elected in the first place) Water agreement and RTS are totally separate issue...why link it together... haiz This old truly sensile and he is the leader of a country ...sad malaysia ...sad Malaysia


Userf5k6 reply peace1 04/11/2019

forgive him he is too old .sometimes he don't know what he talking about. poor Malaysian they elected a very old PM .Malaysia will be first country under him


peace1 reply Userf5k6 04/11/2019

But many Malaysian will suffer under his oldish direction... Over night he bring the value of property in Malaysia down by 40%... that will temporary make the dire straits developer happie...but investor confidence will be totally lost... Poor Malaysian ...


Philip joy reply peace1 04/11/2019

He knows very well as he is the prime minister that their population would reach 100 million in 3000. He also knows that their country could not produce any jobs for them. Their only place to find work of course in Singapore which has been employing and doing. so why bother work and do planning for their country development and progress After all they have enough oil and water to consume


peace1 reply Philip joy 05/11/2019

Hahahaha that will make Malaysia PM job so easy...hahahaha by 3000... Mahathir will not be here and he can predict that the follow PM after him will be no better than him hahahahahaha 👏👏👏👏🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


Philip joy reply peace1 05/11/2019

This was his forecast and predictions. He should be able to know what path and position his country is heading .His priority is not planning to develop Malaysia to reach a First World or even to surpass us which it is supposed to be with their abundance of natural and human resources. His objective as a country leader is finding and planning how to demolish and ruin our economy and progress, which he cannot accept why a country without resource not even enough water can survive and surpass them since our separation. That is why he could not find enough time to develop and manage his own economy well