Mahathir says he will definitely hand power over to Anwar

Mahathir says he will definitely hand power over to Anwar

Mothership - News·2019-11-06 02:46

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has reaffirmed that he will definitely hand over the reins to Anwar Ibrahim.

Mahathir: Anwar will be next PM

The confirmation follows a months-long that Mahathir would make Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali his successor instead.


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Userf7cq 08/11/2019

Wonder what surprising charges will Anwar be getting this time round? Hope not another Sotong Mee again!


S C 07/11/2019

He will hand over power to anuar when he cannot walk


Tomcruz reply S C 07/11/2019

No, he will hand over after the next election


Frederick Ho 07/11/2019

Mahathir has no more ‘decades’ in store. Soon your limited ‘years’ will turn into ‘months’, then ‘weeks’ into ‘days’, finally ‘hours’ into ‘minutes’... Stop having ‘seconds’ thoughts in power handover 😅


Ah Beng ah Seng 07/11/2019

believe him??????????? hahaha


coocoocheow reply Ah Beng ah Seng 07/11/2019

never trust him again. he is damp good in twisting n turning his forked tongue. only he himself thinks he is smarter than anyone in the whole Malaysia.


Raymond Tan6682 07/11/2019

DR M not willing to handover his PM post to Anwar because of power and money. He will lost power and money if he no more PM of M’sia. He is like a King if he still a PM. More concerned of his personal benefits.


coocoocheow reply Raymond Tan6682 07/11/2019

100% agreed with you.