Mahathir: M’sia can go to war over fugitive Jho Low, but we will lose

Mahathir: M’sia can go to war over fugitive Jho Low, but we will lose

·2019-11-07 16:32

Should Malaysia go to war over attempting to bring back fugitive financier Jho Low, it will lose both the war and Low, Malaysia’s Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said on Nov. 7, .

Mahathir as saying: “We can go to war but we will lose the war and we will lose Jho Low. We are conscious that we are not a very strong nation. Sometimes people are nice to us, sometimes they are not, We have to accept (it).”


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OMG KCS 08/11/2019

Tis old man really champion everyday got different things to talk really DAI JI LIAO LIAO.


6753 08/11/2019

hes hiding in China so war with China is it?????


most elitest Elite 08/11/2019

The talk of war by Dr. M is really makes me lost of words. When he talk of war, does he mean sending in an army with a plan of defeating a country? Or he mean just quarrelling with another country who he think is hosting Jho? It’s really interesting and can M explain what he means war?


真心21 reply most elitest Elite 08/11/2019

gong kana song


The Truth 08/11/2019

Medals on the shoulder!🤣ur rite PM and this IGP keeps blabbing nonsense.anyway u chose him right?What ur saying is right,Jho is a genius and it’s a losing game with him.Just get all the rest who enjoyed it especially Jiban who orchestrated it and the rest who abetted it.Cant wait for Hamidi becos he has 87 cases and a president of Dumno now?Why still waiting wen he is damaging again to be free?