Yoursay: Time for the doctor to leave the house

Yoursay: Time for the doctor to leave the house

Malaysiakini - News·2019-11-09 15:03

YOURSAY | ‘Mahathir's sarcastic statements are supercilious but of middlebrow significance.’

At the moment, Dr M feels he's still best man for PM

Proarte: Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad's arrogance knows no bounds. His rise to political prominence employed racism and religious intolerance as indispensable ingredients.


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GInger Buzz 10/11/2019

Time for him to leave this earth soon ! A new PM is needed n he is not anwar. 💩👎😵


Teobehpio 09/11/2019

Dr Mahathir will step down only Najib tell the truth


Wong Tuck Seng 09/11/2019

Yes give others a chance. The problem in your country cannot be solved overnight. The reason for your staying is to steer the country onto a more stable path. Tjos is a very noble objectives, but you are about to become a centenarian soon.The few years you have ahead of you as PM may not place the country in a better position. The additional time frame for another leader to be put in place early may be crucial for him to consolidate his position and he will be able to put in long term policies for the good of the country. Sir, don't you want to relax a bit and let the younger generation take over. Unless you have ulterior motives to want to remain in power.