Johor: wife starves to death after husband pass away

Johor: wife starves to death after husband pass away

Singapore Uncensored·2019-11-10 00:00


An old couple in Johor Bahru, Malaysia has been taking care and depending on each other before their death. A neighbour that stays next door said that he caught the smell of something rotting and told the charity organization who visits the old couple regularly.


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Kwok Hing Yuen 11/11/2019

The 2 loving caring love birds are never departed till death at their home


twinkle 11/11/2019

Heart wrenching! May they rest in peace


General X 10/11/2019

She might been in a state of great shock when her mate pass away. That shock pinned her down when no help is available.


Sniper 10/11/2019

Omg so sad to read this piece of news, RIP.


Userf7ts 10/11/2019

important is why your own blood abandon you all.