Selfie-taking tourist falls to her death from China's Huashan Mountain

Selfie-taking tourist falls to her death from China's Huashan Mountain

AsiaOne-·2019-11-13 10:22

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The family of a Chinese university student who fell to her death while taking a selfie is blaming the management of one of China's most famous mountains.

The student, surnamed Deng, died at the end of October after falling from Huashan Mountain, known for its steep cliffs and terrifying hiking trails, in the northwestern province of Shaanxi.

Her family claims the barrier on the mountain was inadequate, while the management of Huashan National Park said the student was an adult who was responsible for her actions, according to a report on Monday by video website Pear Video.


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Usere6i7 18/11/2019

RIP. Safety come first when taking pictures which had happened in many countries life is precious travel happily and back home happily dont let your love one upset for life


userr 18/11/2019

such a dangerous mountain


cmimeanscmi 17/11/2019

stupid girl. how can the tourist mgmt be responsible.... this can be a pure accident and she is the only one die at that point....she is an adult some more , how can u fall off a cliff if u not standing super edge of the cliff?


FANG109 17/11/2019



alright alright 17/11/2019

bloody fool Management if u pay mean u r guilty if those who want to commit suicide fall from same spot how r u going to pay for everyone if not not fair