City Council attempts to improve subpar legislative record

City Council attempts to improve subpar legislative record

The Jakarta Post-News·2019-11-19 15:32

The Jakarta administration and the City Council have begun the deliberation of the city's 2020 legislation program in the hope of improving on a substandard performance of the previous legislative term with numerous unfinished bylaws. In a session on Monday, the executive submitted its proposals for 31 bylaws. Meanwhile, not all of the council factions have submitted proposals yet, hence they agreed on additional time for internal discussions. Jakarta Legal Bureau head Yayan Yuhana said the proposed list included four mandatory bylaws related to the city budget and another 12 to be prioritized. Seven of the prioritized bylaws are related to the city's assets and finances, namely parking tax, street lighting tax, retribution, management of city assets, building and land acquisition tax (BPHTB), regional financial management and electronic road pricing.  Three othe...


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