Experts dispute new law linking poverty, radicalism

Experts dispute new law linking poverty, radicalism

The Jakarta Post-News·2019-11-27 09:26

A new government regulation on terrorism prevention has stirred controversy by including low-income people on a list of groups who are “vulnerable to radicalism”. The regulation, signed by President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo on Nov. 12, is the first derivative regulation of the Terrorism Law passed last year following a string of terror attacks, including the bombing of three churches in Surabaya, East Java. The regulation, among other things, sets out the criteria for people who are vulnerable to radicalization, which includes those who have access to information that "contains radical views”, have relationships with people who are "indicated to have radical views” and are vulnerable due to "economic, psychological and cultural aspects”. The regulation first gained attention over the weekend when it was uploaded to the State S...


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