Councillor to raise issue of renaming Chetty Padang at MPK meeting

Councillor to raise issue of renaming Chetty Padang at MPK meeting

The Star Online - Metro·2019-11-23 00:00

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THE blowback from the suggestion by Klang Municipal Council’s (MPK) Gardens Parks and Recreation Department to rename Chetty Padang in Klang to Taman Warisan continues to grow. The latest to express displeasure at the proposal is councillor M. Nalan. “I will raise the matter at the council’s Township Beautification sub-committee meeting next month to oppose the proposed name change of Chetty Padang to Taman Warisan. Name changes cannot be done at someone’s whims and fancies; there must be consultation. “Chetty Padang’s name must be retained so that the cultural past is not erased,” Nalan told StarMetro.Opposition to the name change has gained momentum among the locals, resulting in Nalan, who is in charge of the Little India area, receiving numerous phone calls on the matter. Chetty Padang, which is the size of three football fields, is located in the Indian business enclave of Little India. It is slated for a major transformation as MPK’s Gardens Parks and Recreation Department plans to spend RM2.5mil to restore the neglected field in Jalan Bukit Jawa, next to the Sri Nagara Thandayuthapani Hindu temple. On Nov 13, StarMetro had a front-page report on the redevelopment of Chetty Padang where the department’s former acting director Nurul Huda Bahrom said in the recommended plans, an archway with the proposed name “Taman Warisan” would be built.


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