Johor folk prefer to carry on working after turning 60

Johor folk prefer to carry on working after turning 60

The Star Online - Metro·2019-11-19 00:30

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JOHOR BARU: Johoreans are willing to work beyond the mandatory retirement age of 60 as they feel that they can still contribute to the country’s economy. Sales assistant Azizah Amir, 34, said given the chance, she will continue to work even after turning 60 if her health permits. “I started working at 19. I enjoy working life as staying at home can be boring,” she said. The mother of two said her salary was also helpful and supplemented her family’s income. “The cost of living is high and with two children to raise, I need to work,’’ said Azizah. “If at all I want to retire earlier, I will equip myself with baking or tailoring skills to earn some money,” she said. Former Johor FM radio deejay A. Madhavan, 60, who retired in May this year said he would like to come back to work again if given the chance. Popularly known as Deejay Dave among his fans and followers, he worked for 37 years as radio presenter with Johor Radio and Television Malaysia (RTM). Dave was the only Indian helming the Segmen Hello Johor every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 6am to 10am. “My fans say they miss me on air and want me to come back,” he said. Dave, who is fluent in Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mandarin and Tamil, is still in demand as emcee at state government and private functions. Assistant leasing manager Josephine Lim, 52, said she was willing to work beyond the age of 60, provided her employer eases her workload. “As seniors, we can impart our knowledge to the younger staff,” she said. Lim said she decided to take up a new job after a year’s break as she was bored staying at home. Pharmacist Hafiz Mos @ Mohsin, 48, said he was looking forward to retiring. “I will work until I reach 60 but if possible will call it quits at 55,’’ he said. Hafiz said private sector employees must be prepared for retirement with a proper financial management plan.


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