Dr M now says he’s happy with his Cabinet

Dr M now says he’s happy with his Cabinet

Free Malaysia Today - South East Asia·2019-11-28 19:48

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Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad pleads for people to give his ministers a chance to prove themselves and says he will only kick out a person if he or she proves to be useless. (Bernama pic)


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Synergy 03/12/2019

roti prata man as usual ,never trust his words & Always flip flop on his policies !


GInger Buzz 02/12/2019

I think he is sterile, forgetful n doesn't remember what he had said. One minute he says he is not satisfied with the cabinet ministers' performance n that they new n daft. The next minute he says he is satisfied with them. Which do we believe then ? ! 💩 👎 🤬 🤪


Foo Cw 29/11/2019

only the sultan of Johor can handle this old man.Where can you find a PM who always flip flop on major issue.


Wong Tuck Seng 29/11/2019

Roti prata, flip and flop continuously. The more flips n flops, the taste better.


Teobehpio 29/11/2019

If Najib tell the truth every one will kick out this is the people of Malaysia want to see it happen if Najib keep quiet Anwar will no Chance to be PM