Your passport to a world of great vacations

Your passport to a world of great vacations

The Star Online - Lifestyle·2019-12-27 07:00

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When it comes to holidays and travelling, finding suitable and affordable accommodation is often a headache, especially when visiting a particular country for the first time.

To help travellers and ease the process of hunting for accommodation, SGI Vacation Club Berhad (SGI VC) is offering a week-based vacation club programme and services.

With a corporate restructuring in 2015, SGI VC which debuted in 2001 has become a part of the hospitality arm of OSK Group, and it is one of the leading vacation clubs in Malaysia with over 10,000 members and two coveted BrandLaureate SMEs awards to its name – the BestBrands Award 2013 for Corporate Branding and the BrandLaureate SMEs Signature award in 2015.


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