Snake fright? How about fried snake?

Snake fright? How about fried snake?

The Jakarta Post-News·2019-12-28 15:22

While Jakarta residents may have been caught up in a snake scare, Aat Sambas has been thinking in terms of his culinary business. The recent discovery of many snakes, particularly cobras, in residential areas in Greater Jakarta, means Aat has not had to worry about supply for his Tenda Dua Cobra, a tiny food stall serving snake-based dishes, including satay, soup or fried snake. His restaurant in the Pasar Lama culinary area in Tangerang, Banten, is a make-shift tent with four tables. Next to one table, there is a metal cage where 25 Javan cobras are cooped up.  One recent Wednesday evening, there were 10 diners, including Euis Sutanti, her two children and two neighbors. “It tastes just like chicken but the texture is more like catfish,” said Euis, who developed a taste for snake just a month ago.  “I heard it’s good for your skin,” sh...


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