Lawyers, flood survivors unite for class action lawsuit

Lawyers, flood survivors unite for class action lawsuit

The Jakarta Post-News·2020-01-07 15:57

A week after the massive flooding that inundated many areas of Greater Jakarta and Lebak, Banten, several public lawyers and flood survivors in Jakarta and Bekasi, West Java, have said they will take legal action and prepare a class action against the relevant administrations. They accused their respective city administrations of failing to anticipate the severe flooding, which claimed over 60 lives and forced thousands of people to flee their homes, causing material and other losses In Jakarta, a group of lawyers under the Tim Advokasi Korban Banjir Jakarta 2020 (2020 Jakarta Flood Victims Advocacy Team) initiated the class action. The team opened a complaint center and called on flood victims to join. In a message that was widely shared among WhatsApp users over the past few days, the team shared their invitation. “In order to prevent such man-made disasters from...


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