Mixing business with charity

Mixing business with charity

The Star Online - Metro·2020-01-17 00:19

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TRUE to their annual tradition of giving, the Thong Thye Siang (TTS) Sdn Bhd and Great Plus Enterprise Sdn Bhd Charity and Appreciation Dinner donated RM624,400 to 77 organisations and schools. The event at Klang’s Hokkien Association Hall saw more than 900 employees and guests enjoying the night while being entertained by singing and dancing performances. Founder and managing director of both companies Lim Pay Kaon noted that it was TTS’ 36th anniversary celebration. He added that it had become a tradition to gather business partners, suppliers, employees and family members to celebrate the past year’s achievements. “We wanted to usher in 2020 with much hope of success, personal happiness and to be blessed with good health. “Economically, 2019 has been challenging but through the efforts of our team and continuous support of business partners, we were able to see success,” he said. Pay Kaon added that the companies believe in ploughing back a portion of profits for communities in need. Thong Thye Siang and Great Plus Enterprise are distributors of consumer products in the country and were established in 1983. TTS chairman Lim Pei Tiam was also on stage to present the contributions.


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