Tangerang braces for extreme weather after massive flood

Tangerang braces for extreme weather after massive flood

The Jakarta Post-News·2020-01-20 13:05

Following the massive floods that struck Tangerang city in Banten at the turn of the new year, the city administration has imposed several measures for better flood prevention amid warnings of extreme weather during the rainy season. Among the efforts was to install 4,000 injection wells to control floods, Mayor Arief Wismansyah said. "We plan to install more injection wells in the city. We already have several wells in schools and on roads. This year we're planning to build 4,000 more," he said recently as reported by kompas.com. Arief explained the wells could contain rainwater runoff and prevent inundation. The wells would also allow the water to be absorbed deep in the ground, restoring groundwater supply in the process. He claimed the injection wells had reduced flooding in the city. They also helped floodwater subside faster in the affected areas. ...


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