Carpark’s dimness leaves commuters uneasy

Carpark’s dimness leaves commuters uneasy

The Star Online - Metro·2020-02-04 00:00

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COMMUTERS often look for the easiest and most convenient method of travelling to work to avoid traffic congestion and reduce cost. For those travelling from Shah Alam to Kuala Lumpur, it is a scramble to get to the railway stations en route to work and secure a parking bay. Having to leave their cars for hours, vehicle owners are concerned about the safety of their vehicles when left at poorly lit parking lots. Some KTM commuters are worried about the lack of security and poor lighting at the Shah Alam KTM station carpark. Frequent KTM passenger VV Lingam, 67, who works in Kuala Lumpur, said he had complained about the carpark’s poor conditions to KTM for the past three months. Lingam said he used KTM’s services to get to work and would return to his car between 10pm and 11pm. “It is frustrating to pay for parking but not get proper service and my complaints on the lack of security have not been attended to,” he added. Mohamad Sapri Yusuf, 60, chairman of an association for taxi drivers, said the Shah Alam KTM station was unsafe, especially at night. “The lack of street lights caused one of our taxi drivers to be bitten by a snake while waiting for passengers. “Some of the commuters have also complained that their vehicle tyres were stolen when they left their cars for long hours at the carpark. “Even snatch thefts have occurred. “The dim lighting in the area provides an ideal setting for such incidents,” he said. Mohamad Sapri added that no surveillance or patrols was carried out by the security personnel at the KTM station. College student Arishah Ainol Shahrir, 24, said she frequented the station thrice a week to fetch her brother. “I will look for a parking bay that is nearest to the station or park under a lamp post as I feel unsafe here. “I cannot put my safety at risk and depend on the closed circuit television camera (CCTV) as I do not see any security personnel monitoring the area,” she said. Ros Safura Adnan, 48, who works in Kuala Lumpur, parks her car at the station every day. “The carpark has street lights but the lamps are dim. “I am forced to walk really fast to get to my car if I park far away from the street lights. “I get worried if I arrive at the station after 8pm as it is too dark and there are no security guards patrolling the area. “There are parking bays for women but usually these are taken since they are limited, so I rarely get a chance to park there,” she said. Keretapi Tanah Melayu Bhd (KTMB) corporate communications head Ahmad Asri Khalbi said the carpark at the Shah Alam station was not under its management. Having parked at the carpark to interview commuters, StarMetro observed that the parking ticket showed that the carpark was under the purview of Shah Alam City Council (MBSA). When asked about the station carpark’s poor lighting, MBSA corporate communications head Shahrin Ahmad said the city council’s Engineering Department would look into the matter.


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