Mystery of the threat of the asteroid that flew past Earth

Mystery of the threat of the asteroid that flew past Earth·2020-02-17 03:21

He was given the name.Scientists of the Arecibo Observatory using a telescope installed on mount Mauna Loa (Hawaii) spotted the asteroid, which turned out to be a system of two separate space rocks, reports the with reference to the Apostrophe.A team of researchers gave the space stone name BX12 2020.Because of the size and orbit of the object 2020 BX12 was classified as potentially hazardous asteroids. However, its closest approach to the Earth he had made, staying away from it at the distance of 4.3 million kilometres.This flyby of the asteroid by the planet gave scientists the opportunity to obtain about this new information.With the help of the radar station Arecibo scientists conducted surveillance and discovered that 2020 BX12 is a binary system: a smaller stone (with a diameter of 70 metres) revolves around a larger object, the size of which not less than 165 metres. During the observations the distance between them was about 360 meters.The study of asteroids allows scientists to obtain new information about the formation of the Solar system.


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