‘I Was About to Walk Away When a Woman Approached the Mailbox’

‘I Was About to Walk Away When a Woman Approached the Mailbox’

The New York Times-NY·2020-02-23 08:00


Postal Service

Dear Diary:

I had left work for the day, and I had a letter to mail. I headed to the old-school mailbox on the corner near my office, on Sixth Avenue in Midtown.

I pulled down on the handle and the mailbox door squeaked down with it. I slid my letter into the narrow slot and closed the door. I opened the door again to confirm that the letter had slid down and was not stuck in the slot.

I was about to walk away when a woman approached the mailbox. She had a stack of letters in one hand and multiple bags hanging from each of her arms.

The woman tried to grab the door handle with her free hand, but the bags she was carrying limited her reach. I could see she was not going to be able to open the mailbox while she was holding the bags.

Without a word, I lowered the door. With her arms tucked to her sides, she got onto her tiptoes and extended her hand until she was able to slide the letters into the slot.

I closed the door. The woman just stood there, staring at the mailbox. I opened the door once again. She looked in to make sure her mail had slid down, then turned and walked off.

— Scot Bobo



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