In South Carolina, You Fight the Same Fights Over and Over Again

In South Carolina, You Fight the Same Fights Over and Over Again

Esquire-Politics·2020-03-01 05:22

NORTH CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA—All month long, Louis Smith had been squiring various presidential candidates through one of the two community centers that he runs in the middle of the food desert far from the tourists traps and historical monuments of downtown Charleston. “There is no supermarket anywhere near here, “ he says. “Just some corner stores that don’t have much.”

So, once a week, either in North Charleston, or in the other Community Resource Center that he runs over in Summerville, Louis Smith hands out fruit and vegetables to the people who come by. As the South Carolina primary grew nearer, the candidates began trooping through—Joe Biden stopped by, and Tom Steyer worked the food pantry for a bit. On Saturday, though, the circus was packing up and leaving town for parts elsewhere. But Louis Smith wasn’t working the election on Saturday. Other people at the centers were manning the phones, answering questions about, among other things, where folks should vote, since South Carolina was closing polling stationsapparently at whim all week. Louis Smith had something else on his mind this primary election day. Louis Smith was waiting for the law.


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