Manila mall hostage-taker surrenders

Manila mall hostage-taker surrenders

the Sun Daily - World·2020-03-02 22:18

MANILA: A sacked security guard who shot one person and took about 30 others hostage at a Manila shopping mall on Monday surrendered to authorities, ending a day-long standoff that terrified shoppers and drew a massive police response.

The guard walked out of the V-Mall, where he was allowed to speak briefly to the press before heavily armed officers tackled and arrested him.


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manny 1 04/03/2020

Can u imagine u are a tourist n was held hostage.... 💯% terrifying


insan.D.hina 03/03/2020

glad no one need to lose their life. am sure he doesnt mean to be like that..hope the law will be fair to him. He is just stressed out maybe...