Coronavirus: Hand sanitiser rationed at chemists as sales surge

Coronavirus: Hand sanitiser rationed at chemists as sales surge

BBC·2020-03-04 02:11


Some stores have run out of hand sanitisers as people prepare for the virus spreading

Hand sanitiser sales are being limited at pharmacy chains as fears over the coronavirus have boosted demand.

Boots and LLoydsPharmacy both said they are restricting the products - which can help to prevent the spread of the virus when hand-washing is not possible - to two per person.

The decision comes as some hand sanitisers are being sold online at inflated prices.

Pharmacies said they are working to increase the supply of the products.

The NHS says that washing your hands is a key part of preventing the spread of viruses, but hand sanitiser gel can be used when soap and water are not available.

As the UK warns that widespread infection is "highly likely", chemist chains said they had to ration the products, with market research data from Kantar Worldpanel showing sales more than tripled in February.

A spokesman for LloydsPharmacy, which has 1,500 branches across the UK, said: "We know that having access to products like hand gels is extremely important to our customers, so we are doing everything we can to ensure availability, despite increasing demand and supply challenges."


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