Four men guilty of raping teen used 'like piece of meat' in sick campaign of abuse

Four men guilty of raping teen used 'like piece of meat' in sick campaign of abuse

The Mirror - Crime·2020-03-05 04:26

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Prosecutors said the Sheffield girl was seen as "nothing more than an object" as the convicted group exploited her "for their own sexual gratification" in a shocking campaign of abuse


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Extraterrestrial 09/03/2020

the most disgust me to read about SON'S OF MIGRANTs commit such act. Should be grateful to the country that provides better living compare to their origins.


Lawrence Hoon3011 09/03/2020

Law is right to give these peoples heavy sentence


Userg88c 08/03/2020

The rapists here deserved caning with life imprisonment. A menace to society! Sg should also publish the photos of rapists. Since they dare to rape, whether it’s raping ladies or men, get their photos published in papers as well as on notice boards. No need to protect them as they had made a choice to break the law, not considering how it would affect their future, their parents’ reputation Nor the victim’s dignity, then let their faces be shown. They need to be shamed. Otherwise, history will repeat itself. Out of prison, start their hunting again.


U7serey4k 07/03/2020

all muslim?


Usereg4f 07/03/2020

why is the Amanda Spencer not sentenced? she is also involved in the grooming right?


Usereg4f reply Usereg4f 07/03/2020

ok just re-read it. she also sentenced.