Indonesia, Netherlands agree to forge more equitable ties

Indonesia, Netherlands agree to forge more equitable ties

The Jakarta Post-World·2020-03-10 08:43

Beginning this year, the Netherlands has stopped providing development aid to a number of countries, including Indonesia. But the Dutch have promised to replace the arrangement with a new cooperation initiative intended to bring the partners into a different, more equal phase of relations. The new relationship will be top of mind as the Dutch king begins his state visit to Indonesia. Foreign Minister Retno LP Marsudi confirmed this on Monday, saying that both sides had been engaged in numerous cooperation initiatives and that it was “not merely Indonesia asking for something from the Netherlands”. “They acknowledge the efforts we have been making so far, [...] so we have to place ourselves in the shoes of a mutual collaborator and no longer a recipient of assistance,” Retno told reporters after a meeting with Dutch counterpart Stef Blok in Jakarta. In a r...


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