Defending opulent lifestyle, Najib says Rosmah a shopaholic, hoarder

Defending opulent lifestyle, Najib says Rosmah a shopaholic, hoarder

Today·2020-03-12 19:07

KUALA LUMPUR — Scandal-plagued Najib Razak has denied accusations made against him and his wife for living an opulent lifestyle, in an interview with Netflix investigative series Dirty Money which started airing on Wednesday (March 11).

In its Season Two’s second episode titled The Man At The Top, Najib was asked by an interviewer about living an “opulent lifestyle”, but downplayed it as merely a perception.


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most elitest Elite 16/03/2020

Jib bye ... I don’t know what he talking. Can someone educate me on his way of reasoning.??!!


Userf7cq 15/03/2020

So She is entitled to take hundreds of millions in bribes! And that’s only one bribe! Najib, so how many more to go! This type of reasons also can give! I feel so sorry for Malaysians to even believe such crap story!!!!


The Arm 13/03/2020

Mmmm i wonder if he did meet a true king at the moment?


DaveChia 12/03/2020

Then she is a high class, high branded and expensive items hoarder !


Wong Tuck Seng 12/03/2020

I remember before our great leader, LKY passed, When he was still healthy, he made an official visit to Malaysia, probably his last with Mrs Lee. And in that trip, he asked specifically to one to one meet with Najib's wife, R, So I believe she must have some traits that warrant our deep thinking leader's (Mr LKY) attention, sufficient for him to have a face to face meet up with her.