How Long is Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

How Long is Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

IGN·2020-04-07 04:38

Part one of Final Fantasy 7 Remake covers everything through Midgar from the original PS1 classic, which may not sound like a ton of content if youve played the original. However, now that our FF7 Remake review has been completed, we can give you full details on how long it takes to beat Final Fantasy 7 Remake and get out of Midgar - and its a pretty decently sized RPG.Our fastest player beat Final Fantasy 7 Remake in just under 30 hours, and our slowest player spent 44 hours and 23 minutes before credits rolled. Everyone plays games differently, so read on for more details about how everyone played, how long it took to reach the credits, and how much extra time they spent on the endgame. Its also worth noting we dont know how many parts Final Fantasy 7 Remake will have, so we cant even guess how long the full experience will take.Matt Purslow, News and Entertainment WriterBy the time the credits rolled, I had sunk 44 hours and 23 minutes into Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Thats over 10 hours more than some other people on the IGN team, which just goes to show how massive this game is. Square Enix wasnt kidding when it said this was a full Final Fantasy game.Aside from the core story, I spent my hours doing every side quest and plenty of smaller activities, such as rounds in Wall Markets battle colosseum. I also completed all of the Battle Intel reports, which I highly recommend because the reward for doing all 20 is definitely worth it. Beyond that, I also spent a long time just exploring the world. Even though its largely linear, its incredible to see the original games iconic areas recreated in absurdly gorgeous graphics, and I scoured every inch of it for Easter eggs and treasures.Tom Marks, Deputy Reviews EditorIt took me just over 33 hours to beat Final Fantasy 7 Remake, though I certainly have at least a few more hours worth of things I could go back for. I generally hunt for lots of secrets while playing RPGs, so I checked every corner for chests and items, did nearly every optional side quest available, and upgraded all my weapons manually. That said, I didnt spend as much time with the optional mini-game activities things like doing extra squats at the Wall Market gym, trying to get the top score in the darts mini-game, or going through every level of its arena fights. I did some of these tasks, but completing them just wasnt as interesting to me as continuing the story. Still, I plan to go back for them later!Mitchell Saltzman, Editorial ProducerMy first playthrough of Final Fantasy 7 Remake ran me about 38 hours, and while it certainly wasn't a completionist run in terms of hitting all of the sidequests, I definitely wouldn't say that I beelined it to the finish. According to my play log, I completed 20 of 26 sidequests, or oddjobs as they're called. Since completing the game I've put in another 12 or so hours Since completing the game I've put in another 12 or so hours leveling up my characters to max level, completing battle intel reports, fighting through every arena fight, every Shinra battle simulation fight, and every VR battle against the game's summonable monsters. I'm not normally one to put this much time into a game after completion, but the post-game battles in Final Fantasy 7 Remake are some of the most fun and challenging in the whole game, and definitely worth the extra effort to build yourself up towards.Dale Driver, Senior Video ProducerIt took me just under 30 hours to complete the story of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. When I began the game I was combing every environment and trying to complete every side quest, but I quickly found this to not be as engaging as the core story beats. From around Chapter 9 I began to focus purely on the main quest, missing a lot of optional missions that Im planning to go back to.Also at this point, I began to cut corners when allowed as the story was more interesting to me than manually upgrading my weapons.  One thing I did invest time into though was perfecting the mini-games. Im now a squatting and pull up master with a couple of championship belts in my possession to prove it!For more, don't miss the Final Fantasy 7 Remake review, or the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Wiki.


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