World War 3: NATO panic over 'slippery, stealthy' Russia - expert issues warning

World War 3: NATO panic over 'slippery, stealthy' Russia - expert issues warning

Daily Express - World·2020-04-10 11:01

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And Iain Ballantyne pointed to the presence of Russia's deputy defence minister Aleksey Krivoruchko at the launch of a newly commissioned battleship in St Petersburg as evidence the country was refusing to make any concessions to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Mr Ballantyne, Editor of WARSHIPS International Fleet Review, told the recent incident in which a convoy of seven Russian warships were shadowed through the English Channel by a sizeable, Royal Navy-led force, was just one example of both Russia's belligerence and the West's determination not to be cowed.


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General X 12/04/2020

Imagine scrapping those plans buying arsenals and war machines but turning those funds into medicines research. The World is a much brighter place we can live on. But some assholes country depended on wars tension to make a living at the expand of others.


ernst 12/04/2020

WTF! war monguls!!!Hope they die with virus!


Userfdqz 11/04/2020

These are all the sick people that we can do witnout on this planet. Instead of promoting friendship and the co-operation in protecting human kind, they are busy flexing their muscles in preparation for war. The message from GOD is not clear enough I guess. YOUR SUPER WEAPONS ARE NOTHING TO COMPARE AGAINST AN ENEMY AS TINY AS CORONA VIRUS!!! Get it??? So, instead of fighting against each other, why don't you work together; gather your resources for a more meaningful purpose. Protect your people against corona virus that is.


Jeannie P blunt girl 11/04/2020

All this can be avoided if super powers can agree to unite during this time of crisis... but power hungry and egos prevents it