Karma L4 E-Flex Van is the second demonstrator of automaker's EV platform

Karma L4 E-Flex Van is the second demonstrator of automaker's EV platform

Yahoo - Autos·2020-04-10 22:42

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That didn't take long. Last week, Karma Automotive unveiled its modular E-Flex platform for battery-electric and extended-range electric vehicles. The California automaker said it would soon show proof-of-concept vehicles demonstrating where Karma could take a platform configurable in 22 ways, and how the chassis could serve other automakers interested in buying the E-Flex to jump-start EV development. While we were looking for the inevitable pickup truck that Karma has already teased, we've been blindsided by the L4 E-Flex Van. Created in collaboration with Nvidia and WeRide, the van's primary niche is driverless last-mile delivery, especially into urban areas that prohibit ICE-powered vehicles. Echoing Fisker's expanded target audience for an off-road Ocean electric crossover, Karma says the van could "deliver critical supplies to underserved areas or act as a first responder vehicle for future disaster relief or public health crises." The temporary shell for all the gubbins is a Ram Promaster van on a set of Revero wheels.


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