How to re-watch Joe Wicks' PE workout from Tuesday April 14

How to re-watch Joe Wicks' PE workout from Tuesday April 14

TechRadar·2020-04-14 16:46

(Don't worry, you also get 30 seconds rest after each exercise - and there are easier options for those that are new to the fitness regime. It might sound like it's for kids, but adults will get a decent workout too.Remember to bookmark this page if you're a regular PE with Joe Wicks fan - we'll be embedding the live video every day. if you're new to it, well, just bookmark it anyway and commit to getting fit during isolation.There's also more behind this new phenomenon of people around the globe doing the daily workouts - Joe Wicks is donating the money earned from these videos to the NHS, as well as encouraging poems and workouts from children watching the sessions.Joe has recently confirmed that his PE workouts will remain on YouTube, despite offers from major TV networks to bring them to their channels (and make them harder to access) - meaning you'll be able to partake in the workouts no matter where you are in the world.If you want to try some other exercises before today's session, you can scroll to the bottom of this article and catch up on workouts from previous days - plus we've got all the steps you need to help you stream from your smartphone or tablet to a bigger-screen TV.Alternatively, you can head to the BodyCoachTV YouTube channel and watch all the sessions for yourself, as well as finding easier sessions for those less mobile and slightly harder workouts to get yourself really active if you're out-performing the current offerings.If you're working out in front of the TV or huddled around a smartphone, here are our quick picks of what we recommend to enhance the experience:


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