Singaporean senior citizens feel trapped at their one-room flat amid Circuit Breaker

Singaporean senior citizens feel trapped at their one-room flat amid Circuit Breaker

The Online Citizen·2020-04-16 15:50

Going into an unprecedented move of imposing strict social distancing measures termed “circuit breakers”, many may have overlooked the effect that has one the elderly in Singapore and how they would spend their time during such difficult times.While people tend to point fingers towards the elderly for flouting the measures implemented during this circuit breaker period, a video by Rice Media published on Tuesday (14 April) took a look at how elderly Singaporeans really felt about the new measures.Rice Media interviewed a few of the elderly people two days before the implementation of the circuit breaker, asking them how they felt about not being allowed to mingle and hang out with their peers. The interview video was then shared to their Facebook page, inviting everyone to view the circuit breaker from a different perspective.The video focused on senior citizens who hang around regularly at hawker centres and coffee shops.An elderly man told the interviewer that most of the senior citizens are currently jobless, therefore, the only way they would spend their time is to mingle with their friends. He expressed that he would rather socialise outside than sit at home “like a zombie”.He also added that people like them would only hang out with the people of their generation, thus he felt frustrated that he’s supposed to lock himself up in his one-room flat. Feeling bummed about not being able to socialise with his friends, he felt trapped for having to stay in his flat during the circuit breaker period.“Most of us don’t have a job now, so this is the only opportunity to meet and mingle. Free our mind, rather than sitting at home like a zombie.”“The reason why is because people like us, who are ageing, we only can mingle with our own generation. I feel frustrated. You’re just going to lock me up in my one-room flat. Well, if I’m going to sit at home, I’m just going to switch on the TV and watch TV. How long can I watch the TV? It’s not important for me. I rather come down and mingle with my buddies.”Another man was saddened about the current situation as well, implying that he could not meet his friends and neighbours all of a sudden.The elderly people described how they would miss their friends, as well as the hawker centres they would regularly visit for a drink or two.Knowing that the new measures were inevitable, they said that the Singaporean government had no choice but to resort to this. They are also fully aware that other the countries are doing the same thing to combat COVID-19.Although they felt disappointed about having to stay at home, the senior citizens expressed understanding that it was “for their own good”. Not forgetting to acknowledge that the outbreak is serious, they also agreed that everyone should wear face masks.They hoped that the situation will get better soon and everything will be alright.One of them believed that everyone, including his friends and relatives, will manage to find a way to de-stress and distract themselves from COVID-19 during this pandemic.After hearing their thoughts on the circuit breaker, it is pretty clear that what senior citizens need the most, especially now, is empathy and kindness.


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