China Admits Their Mistakes In Wuhan Covid-19 Death Toll, Real Number Is 50% More

China Admits Their Mistakes In Wuhan Covid-19 Death Toll, Real Number Is 50% More

WORLD OF BUZZ - World·2020-04-17 18:06

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Just when we thought that the Covid-19 situation in China is getting better, updates today reported that China admitted to mistakes in tallying its death toll. They have since immediately increased the number by 50 per cent when the whole world (especially the United States) doubted China’s transparency in handling the pandemic.


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pcg 20/04/2020

Even immediately increased the Nu by 100% Also Never Ever Trust & Believed CCP They are for Ever Liars since CCP is Born


Userfrrd 19/04/2020

Why there is so much blame and so less sympathy To much blame and hatred since the out break I don’t feel like watching the news anymore too depressing! Spread more love guys


Low Geok Leong 19/04/2020



userr 19/04/2020

the truth will come out one day any country even sg cannot lie cannot hide


Sam Gan 18/04/2020

Do not trust China anymore,they are big liars.


userr reply Sam Gan 19/04/2020

America retarded worse coronavirus said is flu only discovered after china alert the world


meow88 reply Sam Gan 19/04/2020

I trust china but not CHINESE ☭


Userfund reply meow88 19/04/2020

I trust sg but not singaporeans


meow88 reply Userfund 19/04/2020

Oh well, pls vote PAP soon, election coming...


pcg reply Sam Gan 20/04/2020

Well Said Who is to Believed CPC will Not be Happily Alive