China coronavirus cover-up: Death toll TEN TIMES official figure, claims Wuhan resident

China coronavirus cover-up: Death toll TEN TIMES official figure, claims Wuhan resident

Daily Express - World·2020-04-18 11:01

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Wuhan’s prevention and control taskforce today increased the official death toll by 1,290, from 2,579 to 3,869, with the announcement coming against a backdrop of widespread scepticism over a perceived lack of transparency. However, Liu Pei'en, whose father died at the beginning of February, believes the number is significantly higher.

Speaking before the total was revised upwards, he told ITV: "The real number should be 10 times higher than the reported number.


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Khong Vincent 22/04/2020

At it is their country and different cultures and places to live in. As China is a place,many people living in ancient time, where 8 Road was founded many menories. Until today, they are very worry and scary to the big number out. China Govt. Know what they are doing for their own country. Other countries should take care of their own country and not to interfere others. Thank-you.


Move Forward 20/04/2020

China and USA.... Good Luck 😇😇😇


Wang yau sen 20/04/2020

Not surprising ours mind aren't active at the moment. We under semi lockdown. Worrys !! Our State much better.


Kira Kwan 20/04/2020

I seen this problem will arise. As I mentioned before in other channels perhaps, the deaths in China is indeed higher. The problem is, China is the epicenter of COVID-19, during that time, nobody knows how to detect it, and of course people might die in other diseases as well! All I said is that, potentially, China fake the statistics, but also can be China don't have the right to test to determine the deaths are by COVID-19 or other factors. Some old Chinese practitioners might even earthen their family corpses, hence not reported in the hospital or funeral home. As what should we prioritized, is to support me, once hit a 1 billion, I will delovep a lab for you, your children and the future of humanity. Hence we are prepared for the next pandemic. support your donation to PayPal at, minimum $19 Promise that once hit 1 Billion: 1. A lab will be set up 2. 80% discount for presupporters emails before 1 Billion 3. Develop more potential cures for all diseases. Thank you.


Frederick Ho 20/04/2020

At the beginning hardly ready to account the deaths or perform autopsy tests if due to coronavirus infection. Moreover lack of hospital, manpower and test kits 😓 Importantly current efforts to control spread is progressing better and vaccine is in the making. 🙏 Human vs Virus 🙏 NOT 💀 Human vs Human 💀