This video proves how easy it is to spread coronavirus when talking

This video proves how easy it is to spread coronavirus when talking

Tweak Town·2020-04-20 15:27

The Center for Disease Control has asked everyone who is leaving their homes to wear some kind of cloth face covering, or mask. This video below proves how essential wearing a mask is, and if everyone participates, we can curb the spread of COVID-19.The above video is from the New England Journal of Medicine and demonstrates how important wearing a face mask is. The researchers used lasers to illuminate any particles that were flying out of the person's mouth. The first half of the video showcases how many particles (spit) is produced in the air when no mask is worn, versus the second half of the video showcasing what happens when the person wears a mask.After watching the video, you can understand just how much of an impact masks have on the overall spreading of the virus. According to the paper, "The act of speaking generates oral fluid droplets that vary widely in size, and these droplets can harbor infectious virus particles. Whereas large droplets fall quickly to the ground, small droplets can dehydrate and linger as 'droplet nuclei' in the air, where they behave like an aerosol and thereby expand the spatial extent of emitted infectious particles."It should be noted that masks don't protect users 100% from coronavirus, but they do significantly help hinder the spread of the virus. At the moment, there is no prevention method for COVID-19, but tactics such as practicing safe social distancing and wearing face masks when leaving the house can impact the overall spread of the virus considerably, thus bring us closer to winning the COVID-19 battle.


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