Old master makeover: an art history fan's dream home

Old master makeover: an art history fan's dream home

Yahoo Lifestyle - Life·2020-04-19 21:00

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Glimpsed through half-open doors, the panelled rooms of Frank Hollmeyer’s Georgian terraced house remind you of a Dutch old master painting. Light slants across wooden floors; paintings and porcelain are arranged as if in a painting by Vermeer. For Hollmeyer, an art historian by training, those 17th-century artists excelled “at intimate scenes of everyday domesticity, where everything feels composed”.

It’s an approach he’s applied here. The five-storey house, set on a shady garden square in south London, is Hollmeyer’s “canvas”. It’s where he takes a quiet pleasure in re-ordering books or piling a blue and white Delft bowl with fruit, like an artist tweaking a composition.


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