Wife had 15 minutes to say goodbye to husband of 15 years before he died of coronavirus

Wife had 15 minutes to say goodbye to husband of 15 years before he died of coronavirus

The Mirror - UK News·2020-04-24 10:46

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Joanna Parker was taken onto a coronavirus ward wearing a gown and mask amongst dozens of patients for a brief goodbye with husband Keith, before being informed hours later he had died


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Sally 0410 28/04/2020



Wong Tuck Seng 24/04/2020

Really sad to see a first world country with this kind of medical health care standards. The current virus attack shows clearly which country is really first world, and which are the so called first world country. Based on these tragic stories, I am really glad that the health care and emergency health care provided in our country Singapore, is so much better than some western first world countries. We are really blessed here with a great health care system that can take all in when you are infected and the system looks after you, not withstanding if you are local or a foreign worker. This is very unlike the situation where; as long as you can still breath, you stay home and the system cannot provide you with hospitalisation care. How and why such procedures are prevalent in the UK. Everyone thought or recognize the NHS in UK is one of world's best, OR is it???


a'craftcarrier reply Wong Tuck Seng 26/04/2020

de bigger de population,de greater de country,de worst it 'll B 😵😵..... jus look at India,spent so much buying weapons (aren't thy going to war) ❗🤔🙄🤔


most elitest Elite 24/04/2020

It’s sad !