‘Reservoir for viruses’ China told to permanently ban bat trade to prevent next pandemic

‘Reservoir for viruses’ China told to permanently ban bat trade to prevent next pandemic

Daily Express - World·2020-04-26 11:01

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Almost 200,000 people from 210 countries and territories across the globe have lost their lives from the recent outbreak of COVID-19, which is said to have originated from the Wuhan Seafood Market in China. Scientists say the virus likely to have come from bats, before possibly spreading to pangolins, with the wet markets – where wildlife animals are traded and consumed – coming under fire as a possible hotbed to allow the jump to humans. In February, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced a temporary ban on trading and eating wild animals and officials began shutting down markets across the country.


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肥爷 01/05/2020

In the end nothing will kill us except us. We are just ignorant race


Sunshine ~salutare 29/04/2020

is a high price to pay & alot of peoples are killed .Ban all the wild animals those insane cannibals still have not learn their lesson .😱😬😩


General X 29/04/2020

Bats have these valuble weird immune systems whereby extract can be use as a cure for viruses through scientific research. This animals should never be classify as alternative foods source.


Kwok Hing Yuen 28/04/2020

if bats is a pest that also harmful to human being. it should be eliminated & made extinct.


JULIE 28/04/2020

they ask china to ban bats but the chjna will export them.