'China owes us!' US state draws up bill for £35bn damages as Beijing backlash mounts

'China owes us!' US state draws up bill for £35bn damages as Beijing backlash mounts

Daily Express - World·2020-04-28 11:02

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Missouri became the first US state to launch a lawsuit against China earlier this week, but the Attorney General Eric Schmitt has now revealed the "preliminary estimates" of coronavirus damages. Speaking to Fox Business on Thursday, the US state official said that Missouri had lost around $44bn (£35.5bn) due to the coronavirus crisis. This follows growing global outrage at Beijing, as politicians consider ways to hold China accountable for the severity of the pandemic.


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Sunshine Man 03/05/2020

He don't take instructions from others. He give only, that is his way. And now it happens in his country he is at a loss and try all ways to push the problem to other. He is making America not great but worse.


Marcus A 03/05/2020

Don't blame others when you have a incapable leader who only knows how to say things like .....PREVIOUS ADMINISTRATION , I WAS THE ONE, WE DID A GREAT JOB, THEY DID A GREAT JOB etc..... Was being warned in January, but never take it seriously, which leads to terrible situation in the country.... Frankly it is sad to see humans in the country suffering, and yet you don't take responsibility for what had happen to your country and got the chick to say you are the president!!!


Sunshine Man 02/05/2020

He is trying to deflect his incompetency to blame China. He could have no more money.


Lim Kah Yim 02/05/2020

Which country in the world dare to report the next contagious virus outbreak if the argument is the country that reported an outbreak first should pay damages ? Contagious means it's very hard to control and any country can accuse the source for failing to contain it when the accusers themselves cannot control the spread in their own grounds .Isn't such narrative sarcastic? That's a robber instinct .


Userfdwb 02/05/2020

one want to backstab, the other want to shift the blame, thr numbers infected by covid 19 is still not enough and painful to let them put up a good show for us to see