Neighbor Arrested 40 Years After Calif. Woman's Murder

Neighbor Arrested 40 Years After Calif. Woman's Murder

Newser - Crime·2020-04-29 01:00

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(Newser) – Since 1980, Maria Arrick has hoped her sister's killer would be caught. A day before the 40th anniversary of Robin Brooks' rape and murder, police in Sacramento, Calif., apparently found their man. Brooks' 71-year-old former neighbor, Philip Wilson, was arrested at his Sacramento home on Thursday and charged with murder with the special circumstance allegation of rape. Accused of raping and stabbing 20-year-old Brooks in her Sacramento apartment in 1980, Wilson—described as 6'4" and 300 pounds—had "never come up in the investigation" until he was identified via familial DNA, cold case investigator Michaela Links tells People. Police had approached ancestry-tracing companies after blood at the scene—the result of an apparent cut—failed to match DNA entries in a database of arrested people, per KXTV.


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