Yan Ng will not back out from criticism of the police

Yan Ng will not back out from criticism of the police

Yahoo Lifestyle - Celebrity·2020-04-30 16:05

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30 Apr – Hong Kong singer Yan Ng recently stressed that she is not at all regretful of her recent statement about the situation in Hong Kong, following some backlash from the pro-China supporters.


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Teobehpio 04/05/2020

Noted with thanks on this update and my view to you is that every Country has his or her problem during This virus


Rocker 03/05/2020

support U!!


J T SAGI 03/05/2020

u only see what u like to see and comments on things u feel like saying .There are many truth tat not every can handle. So if u want to comment anything please be prepared


Userfifz 02/05/2020

Yes, she became famous for the wrong reason.


WEE TAI SUN 01/05/2020

way to go Girl.do wat u think is right