Mail Carrier Killed After Writing of Feeling 'Seriously Unsafe'

Mail Carrier Killed After Writing of Feeling 'Seriously Unsafe'

Newser - Crime·2020-05-01 01:01

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(Newser) – A 45-year-old mail carrier and mom of a 14-year-old is dead in Indianapolis after being gunned down on the job. The New York Times reports Angela Summers was killed Monday afternoon while delivering mail, and a 21-year-old man has been arrested. One man in the neighborhood where Summers was shot tells the Indianapolis Star that he was in his yard Monday and heard profanity, "angry words," and then "the pop of gunfire." Another local resident, 19-year-old Alondra Salazar, says she was inside her home when she also heard a loud noice, then knocking. When she opened her door, she says she saw a bloodied, "hyperventilating" Summers on her porch, with mail, a small container of hand sanitizer, and a can of pepper spray scattered around her. Salazar called 911 and tried to keep Summers calm, though she said she lost it when the wounded woman "said something about her kid."


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