Here's the Xbox Series X Startup Screen

Here's the Xbox Series X Startup Screen

IGN·2020-05-08 04:54

One new Xbox Series X detail revealed today, which Xboxs Larry Hryb confirmed, is the new startup logo and sound for the system. You can see and listen to it below, and its a bit of a departure from previous Xbox generations.Startup screens are iconic. Who can forget the GameCubes famous startup which has since become an internet meme? The Xbox also has a long history of startup screens. Even just the Xbox 360 went through three major iterations before the launch of the Xbox One.Check out the Xbox Series X startup below.I am happy to confirm that this is the boot up animation & sound for Xbox Series X. We debut it on #InsideXbox earlier today - but I wanted to call it out in case you missed it. Hryb (@majornelson) May 7, 2020The Xbox Series X startup feels like an evolution of past ones. As the Xbox generations evolved, the startups have become more minimalist. Compare the Xbox Ones startup to the original Xbox and even the Xbox 360 version one startup.The Series X also ditches the overt green colorway in favor of using the green as an accent amid a black and silver screen.The sound is probably the most dramatic departure from previous generations. Instead of a booming sound, its a bit more melodic this time around. Overall, I think its an improvement over the bombast of the Xbox 360 era and a better version of what Microsoft was trying to do with the Xbox One.For more announcements from todays Inside Xbox, check out our full list of Xbox Series X trailers revealed today, and list of third-party developers committed to developing on Series X.Matt Kim is a reporter for IGN.


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