Europe's Lockdowns Make Drug Deals on Streets Tough

Europe's Lockdowns Make Drug Deals on Streets Tough

Newser - Crime·2020-05-11 01:00

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(Newser) – The self-employed salesman in Brussels needed to rethink the way he did business during the coronavirus pandemic. Uncertain supply chains, stricter oversight, and customers with financial worries of their own are some of the problems solo entrepreneurs like him encountered as Europe hunkered down. There's not much a small-time drug dealer can do except seek a new line of work—or adjust. Jerry, who uses the alias to protect his identity, has sold cocaine, marijuana, and MDMA—known as ecstasy or Molly on the street—since moving from Albania in 2016, the APreports. Even more than the closure of bars and other venues where people like to score and use what Jerry sells, his decision to close up shop at 9pm reflected another change in his work environment: officers checking largely deserted city streets to make sure the public complied with stay-home orders, he said.


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