Ferrari mule lapping Fiorano could house V6 hybrid

Ferrari mule lapping Fiorano could house V6 hybrid

Yahoo - Autos·2020-05-13 20:49

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Ferrari spoke of plans to add a V6 to its lineup two years ago, without dropping its two other trademark motors. The brand's SVP of commercial and marketing, Enrico Galliera, told Australia's WhichCar last year, "So the technology we are going to have, V12, V8, V6 turbo. Hybrid will give us the possibility to have a platform that we can mix to achieve emissions targets." There's been much chatter around when and where the V6 in turbo and/or hybrid form would show. We still don't know, but it's possible that we've had our first sound check for it, thanks to four brief videos on Instagram.


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